Turtle Beach Reveals Limited Edition 'Call of Duty: Black Ops II' Headsets

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is on the way and to help us all get prepared Turtle Beach has revealed a full lineup of exclusive, limited edition gaming headsets. Turtle Beach is determined to give gamers a choice with this lineup, featuring noise makers designed for everyone from the most casual player to the most hardcore, CoD-addicted basement dweller.

There are five sets in total and each features a slick black design with some orange highlights to match the Black Ops 2 promotional materials we've seen floating around. Of course, each of them will also be emblazoned with the unmistakeable Black Ops 2 logo.


First up is the EarForce Tango, which is a 2.4GHz wireless headset that comes complete with a base station for charging and connecting. This set boasts 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound along with a slew of customization options so you can hear all the other players trying sneak up on you... Unless they're using Dead Silence, in which case you're pretty much screwed if you don't pay attention.


Moving right along, the Sierra model offers the same 5.1 Dolby Surround as it's big brother, but this model is only going to be useful for those of you blasting drones out of the sky on your PC and loses the wireless bit. It has some interchangeable speaker plates so you only look like half of the people who buy this set.


The wireless returns for this model, along with 5.1 surround sound, but it also adds in some other features including Dual-Band Wifi connectivity that “eliminates interference by actively navigating your wireless landscape to seek out the best connection.” There's also a Bluetooth support which allows you to answer phone calls in the middle of match and chat it up on PS3.


This is where Turtle Beach gets all basic with the Black Ops 2 line. The set still looks good, but it is wired and only offers stereo sound, something the price tag is sure to reflect. It does include a mic for voice chat and the 50mm drivers crammed in each ear cup will surely be loud enough.


Yep, these are so special Turtle Beach didn't bother giving them a name. The earbuds are just what you'd expect – they come with different size gels so we can find a nice fit and they're mainly designed for use smartphones, MP3 players and handheld gaming without bothering the lady sitting next to you on the bus. Like the rest of the line they'll be available in October, before Black Ops 2 lands for Xbox 360, PC and PS3 this November 13th.

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