GameStop's New System Offers In-Store DLC Downloads For Xbox 360!

Tired of entering codes with your controller when you get DLC from GameStop? Well, you'll be happy to hear those days are numbered as GameStop is preparing to launch a new sysytem that will allow gamers to begin their DLC downloads in-store!

Under the current system, customers who buy DLC content from GameStop receive a code that they then have to take back to their console and enter under the “Redeem Code” menu. Thankfully, GameStop president Gary Bartel recently told Wired a new system will do away with this sometimes annoying step.

"There was a lot of friction about putting in a [25-digit] code… with a controller," Bartel told Wired.

Apparently the system will send an email to the customer after they purchase content. Gamers will then be able to click a link in that email that will automatically begin the download on their console. It sounds similar to the way you can head over to on your PC and add an item to your Active Downloads, but in order to start the download your console has to be turned on... So, what's the point of this again?

Anyway, the new system is a GameStop exclusive and for the time being only works with content available on Xbox 360. However, Bartel did inform Wired that he sees the system becoming available for other platforms in the future.

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