Hitman's Leather Nun Level Getting Some Edits

In an interview with Eurogamer, the game's director Tore Blystad was caught off guard by the negative reaction the the Saints trailer and have been making changes to the next Absolution to give them more context.

During the interview, Blystad argues that the Hitman series has always come from a cartoony, colorful place, and this was all of a part with the "grindhouse" aesthetic the IO Interactive team was going for with Agent 47's latest adventure. He explains that the video was reviewed by hundreds of people internally at IO before going wide, and they failed to predict the negative reaction that it ultimately received.

The leather-clad Saints are a group of female assassins sent to track and kill Agent 47 who finds himself yet again on the run from his old employers. Since the trailer's debut, IO has gone back and made changes to the level in which they appear to give them "some context and some backstory."

Personally, I've never seen the Hitman series as the one that the game's director is describing. I think it's exploitation fiction, sure, but like the parade of late 60's and 70's Bond knockoffs with a greater emphasis on the murder part of the equation. Plus, I'm not really sure he's using "grindhouse" correctly in this case (campy, sexed up characters don't necessarily grindhouse make). I'm not even soured on the game or anything, the Saints just feel like a huge disconnect from the game we've been presented with so far.

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