One of the Best Bond Flicks Joins One of the Worst In '007 Legends' Levels

The Timothy Dalton-starring License to Kill joins Die Another Day as two new levels in Activision's upcoming shooter celebrating 50 years of Bond.

More details and screenshots after the jump.

For the first couple of minutes of Die Another Day, I really thought the Brosnan Bond movies were going to get back on track after the not great Tomorrow Never Dies (what does that even mean?) and the awful The World is Not Enough. But then it was all ice sculpture parties and Madonna fencing, and white guys secretly being Korean (spoilers)... you know what, I don't even think I know how that one ends.

Anyway, the 2002 film is heading to 007 Legends with the likeness and voice performance of actor Toby Stephens as villain Gustav Graves for the upcoming game, while Carey Lowell will be reprising her role as DEA Agent Pam Bouvier from License to Kill, the '89 Timothy Dalton-starring Bond movie where the secret agent takes on Latin American narco-traffickers.

I'm genuinely disappointed developer EON Productions couldn't get Robert Davi back and Franz Sanchez, the baddie whose responsible for killing Felix Leiter on his wedding day.

Scope some screens from the two new levels below:

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007 Legends will be available October 16th for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

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