'Final Fantasy XIV' Gets New Screens And Artwork Detailing Characters And Worlds

Looks like Square Enix decided Gamescom was a great place to show off new screens and characters from the upcoming “rebuilt from the ground up” Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The revamped game will introduce players to a whole new story and the following batch of screens and artwork showcase everything from new environments to new characters.

We'll start with the character concept art, which reveals three new races coming to the game – the Elezan, Lalafell and Roegadyn.

The Elezan are described as a tall, lanky and slender race that once claimed sole dominion over the lands of Eorzea who have developed a heightened sense of pride and honor. Apparently, the Hyur migration onto Elezan lands created conflict between the races, but it seems they've sorted things out and the two now look toward a bright future together.

Physical opposites of the Elezan, the Lalfell are a short and stocky bunch entering the scene with a child-like appearance, making it very difficult to determine their age. They made their way to Eorzea via trade routes and are very welcoming of outsiders, sharing relations with all races of Eorzea.

Finally, there's the Roegadyn. Easy to distinguish from the other races, these are the brutes of Eorzea, standing tall with intimidating muscular builds. Though they're often considered a barbaric race, the Roegadyn are well known for their compassion and loyalty. Many of the greatest warriors in history were of Roegadyn blood.

Square Enix also released some concept art showcasing new monsters and locales our adventurers will be encountering on their journey...

So what do you think? Can Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn make up for Square Enix's last attempt? Hit the comments and share your thoughts so far?

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