Lara Looking At Things In a New Batch of 'Tomb Raider' Screens

Square Enix and Eidos are showing off the reboot at Gamescom and have released a new set of screens. Now some of them we've seen before, at least in parts or in trailers. But their team has put together a few with a long vertical view which are actually pretty interesting.

Check out Lara checking things out after the jump.

No huge revelations in these new screens (as far as I've been able to discern so far). Nine months out until the game's release, so I don't imagine Square will be going crazy revealing any new enemies or weapons at this phase. Still, it's nice to dream.

Now the blonde guy with Lara--I don't recall seeing him before, but I'm presuming he's a bookish type who might have some idea what's going on with the island.


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Tomb Raider will be released March 15 of next year for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360 from Square Enix and Eidos.

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