PSOne Classics Confirmed for the Vita

Backwards compatability and a host of additional features are coming with the 1.80 firmware in late August.

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It looks like our suspicions were on the money, with Sony announcing at Gamescom that PSOne Classics would be coming to the PS Vita later this month. In addition to being able to play some PSOne Classics, you'll also be able to change game settings, and in some titles take screenshots.

On the PlayStation Blog, Sony has detailed some of the other minor and major changes coming to the next update including:

Cross Controller functionality: You'll now be able to play supported titles on your PS3 using your Vita as a controller. Now, how long until PS3 games start getting some Wii U second screen functionality?

Home Screen Controls: You can now select Home screen elements using the Vita buttons.

Playlist Suppert: You can now make your own playlists and the Vita now supports iTunes M3U, and M3U8 playlists.

Rear Touch on the Browser: You can scroll using the rear touchpad, should you be so inclined.

Video: Repeat play and video speed controls will be available.

MPO Photo Formats: These are now supported, but without 3D or multi-angle functionality.

Group Messaging: The messaging system has a new layout, and you can add attachments to group messages.

Maps: You can now switch between Search for Location and Search for Directions using a button at the top of the screen.

near: Tge "near" function will be able to sniff out local Wi-fi locations without Internet access.

We can expect the update sometime later this month.

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