Capcom reveals a publishing deal for Remember Me at GDC Europe

By Joseph Leray

Remember Me began life as a little-known project called Adrift, in development from Paris-based DONTNOD Entertainment. Its name-change marks the announcement this morning at GDC Europe of a publishing deal with Capcom.

Set in Neo-Paris in 2084, Remember Me stars Nilin a member of the “Errorist” group trying to take down Memoreyes, a corporation that has developed the power to buy, sell, store, and reconfigure people’s memories. Nilin escapes from the Bastille after having her own memories wiped, on a mission to track down her enemies and recover her past.

While the game’s vocabulary seems a little on the nose – Nilin can perform “Logic Bomb” and “Memory Remix” attacks on her enemies – the potential for slick, emergent gameplay is tantalizing. According to Polygon, in one section of the demo, Nilin rewires a guard’s memories, making him believe he had previously killed his wife. Distraught, the guard commits suicide, allowing Nilin to waltz past.

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