Capcom reveals a publishing deal for Remember Me at GDC Europe

By Joseph Leray

Remember Me began life as a little-known project called Adrift, in development from Paris-based DONTNOD Entertainment. Its name-change marks the announcement this morning at GDC Europe of a publishing deal with Capcom.

Set in Neo-Paris in 2084, Remember Me stars Nilin a member of the “Errorist” group trying to take down Memoreyes, a corporation that has developed the power to buy, sell, store, and reconfigure people’s memories. Nilin escapes from the Bastille after having her own memories wiped, on a mission to track down her enemies and recover her past.

While the game’s vocabulary seems a little on the nose – Nilin can perform “Logic Bomb” and “Memory Remix” attacks on her enemies – the potential for slick, emergent gameplay is tantalizing. According to Polygon, in one section of the demo, Nilin rewires a guard’s memories, making him believe he had previously killed his wife. Distraught, the guard commits suicide, allowing Nilin to waltz past.

Other parts of Remember Me aren’t so extravagant, as the trailer clearly shows some old-fashioned brawling, channeling equal parts Total Recall and Deus Ex.

Remember Me joins Asura’s Wrath and Dragon’s Dogma in Capcom’s quickly expanding list of new IPs and will be released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in May 2013.

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