So Long Split-Screen: Nintendo Wii U Patent Reveals GamePad Vs. TV Multiplayer Action

Split-screen multiplayer can be extremely fun in co-op and competitive situations, but cutting down screen real estate always leaves players with less to look at (and more to wonder) while they game. Not to mention the fact that it makes cheating really easy when you're playing local multiplayer in a game like Call of Duty or Goldeneye. However, a new Nintendo patent looks to resolve the issue by spreading what would be split-screen across two displays – your TV and the upcoming Wii U GamePad.

If you take a look at the patent application above, you'll notice one person is using a Wii Remote to play a game on the TV while a second player is using the Wii Remote to play that same game, at the same time, on just the Wii U GamePad. Now, we already know that the Wii U GamePad has a sensor bar of it's own, so being able to play a game on that screen isn't much of a surprise. But the idea of spreading multiplayer across two screens, without needing two consoles for a LAN party, is just plain awesome.

Just imagine, never again would we have to worry about cousin Jimmy peaking over at our screen while we're trying to take him out. Never again would we have to give up half of our beautiful HD display to get a friend in on the action. It's a brilliant move on Nintendo's part and it looks like they have even developed a system to ensure the Wii Remotes only function with the sensor bar they're associated with, meaning we won't have to worry about controlling the action on the other player's screen.

The patent application describes several co-op and competitive multiplayer situations where this feature could be utilized, but its surprisingly something Nintendo hasn't really spoken of publicly. Obviously, its something they're working on and were really hoping Nintendo reveals some information about this aspect of dual-screen multiplayer in the coming weeks. If and when they do, you can bet we'll have all the details lined up for you right here.

[via Nintendo World Report]

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