'Hitman: Absolution' Goes Online (Sorta) With 'Contracts' Mode

IO Interactive drops details on the new game mode for the November release.

Info and screens after the jump.

Before you go thinking you'll be stalking your friends on XBLA as Agent 47, you should know that "Contracts" is a new, asynchronous game mode in Absolution. In Contracts, you'll set up challenges for other players online, which they can then complete for in-game cash. With these player-set challenges, you can determine which level it occurs on, available weapons, targets, while setting the parameters for completing the contract, including the number of witnesses, completion time, and style. based on your performance, you can take the cash earned from completing your contract and buy more weapons, disguises, etc..

Absolution will come pre-loaded with IO created contracts so you can get a taste for how to make your own.

From the sounds of it, IO has put in a map and challenge creator, except you won't have to bother with actually creating any maps. Interestingly, in the press release the developer is really pushing the lack of a map editor as a benefit, though I can imagine a lot of players who'd love to mess around with Absolution's tool set to create some great-looking maps of their own.

You can see some screens below.

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Hitman: Absolution will be available on the 360, PS3, and PC on November 20th.

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