I'm Betting Catwoman Stole That Rocket Launcher in the New 'Injustice' Trailer

Why does a cat burglar need a rocket launcher?

On Twitter yesterday, Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon posted a reveal trailer for Injustice: Gods Among Us featuring Catwoman (and a new look for Gotham's cat-themed cat burglar). The 72-year-old character was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger in Batman #1, and if one of her alternate costumes isn't the purple dress/mask combo, I'll be disappointed in Netherrealm's commitment to DC's fictional history.

So what do you think of the look Netherrealm has come up with for her here? It's yet another variation inspired by Darwyn Cooke's early 00's redesign for the character which saw her costume go in a more practical, less fetish gear direction, including the goggles and all that. But they've added the barbed tail and exoskeleton elements which are a curious direction to go for the character.

That brings us up to two Batman villains in the game that we know of, but there are plenty more slots in the roster for heavies from the other heroes' rogues galleries to fill out the list.

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