Could the Wii U Deliver a Nintendo Surprise?

According to a GoNintendo report, the Wii U might be available for sale in the U.S. on Black Friday (the Friday following Thanksgiving). This is based on internal GameStop communications which also reveal that the console will be up for preorder this week, and that software will come in at $49.99, the same price point as Wii titles.

A Black Friday release date would mean a veritable feeding frenzy among holiday shoppers (at least, the ones who didn't preorder the console), so expect the same cycle of scarcity and panic when it finally hits the ground. Be sure to stock up on canned goods and survival gear in light of the impending Wii U-pocalypse.

Nintendo still hasn't provided firm details on console pricing, but they'll have to take stock in light of the lower-end pricing for PS3 and 360 SKUs along with the impending new console generation. Plus, keep in mind that consumers were willing to walk away from pricey Nintendo hardware last year with the $249 3DS and if the perception isn't there that the Wii U is just a Wii-plus, they might have to adjust pricing accordingly.

[Source: GoNintendo via Gamespot]

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