NEOGEO X Gold Will Set You Back $199, Out in December

Forget emulation or downloadable versions through PSN and XBLA--SNK wants you to buy a NEOGEO.

Details and specs after the jump.

You gamers out there with a healthy dose of NEOGEO nostalgia (aka 32-bit Fever) can get the NEOGEO X Gold preloaded with 20 games for $199 when it's released this holiday season. Along with the actual unit and games, SNK Playmore will throw in the NEOGEO X Joystick. You can also output through the NEOGEO X Station, a charging device/dock with a TV out.

As for the 4.3-inch LCD display handheld, it includes a game card slot, headphone jack, and internal speakers. No word on networking or online functionality.

You can find the list of 20 games included on the hardware below:

3 Count Bout

League Bowling

Art Of Fighting II

Magician Lord

Alpha Mission II

Metal Slug

Baseball Stars II

Mutation Nation

Cyber Lip

Nam 1975

Fatal Fury


Fatal Fury Special

Real Bout - Fatal Fury Special

The King Of Fighters '95

Samurai Showdown II

King Of The Monsters

Super Sidekicks

Last Resort

World Heroes Perfect

The December 6th hardware release continues the NEOGEO's trend of often being pricier than expected or maybe even warranted. Back in the 90's, it was because SNK was offering arcade-perfect hardware with groundbreaking visuals. Now, I'm guessing they're hoping to catch gamers of a certain age up in their net who always really, really wanted a NEOGEO and can finally say they have one.

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