So About That 'Papo & Yo' Trailer...

Yesterday, developer Minority Studios released their launch trailer for Papo & Yo, and I was kind of curious about the heavy tone being communicated in the video versus the more whimsical take on the game that we've been seeing up to this point.

So I reached out to Minority Studios' Creative Director Vander Caballero who was kind enough to tell me a little about the thinking that went into laying out the allegory behind the game so strongly right out the game.

Check out Vander's response after the jump.

MTV Multiplayer: The trailer really puts the alcoholism allegory front and center for the game. To what degree were you concerned with it selling a darker or maybe more intense version of Papo & Yo than the one we've been following over the last few months?

Vander Caballero: For me, Papo & Yo has always been about a journey from the darkness of helplessness and abuse to the light of forgiveness and empowerment. But even though we've been upfront about the inspiration, it's really hard for us to show these feelings at a tradeshow where you have hundreds of people walking by and the sound of explosions and people getting shot!

So we created this trailer to really communicate the emotions you will encounter while you play.

But even if the subject matter can come across as challenging, we designed Papo & Yo to be a game that can be played and enjoyed by almost anyone (it is rated E 10+). I want everyone to experience an emotional story, but I also know that the best way to do that is through good gameplay and an interesting environment to explore.

Papo & Yo will be available on August 14th as part of PSN Play promotion for $14.99.

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