‘Joe Danger 2 – The Movie’ Blows Up in This Trailer

The upcoming XBLA release is stuntin’ in this new trailer.

Game details and video after the jump.

Joe Danger 2 – The Movie is from the UK-based Hello Games, who released the first Joe Danger on PSN back in 2010 and the following year on XBLA. Now they’re back with a Hollywood-set sequel to their side-scrolling obstacle avoidance title.

Okay, that doesn’t sound super-fun: the game puts you in the shows of the titular stunt man who’s gone to Hollywood and will have to race his way through various scenarios (avalanches, exploding city streets, etc.) to make get Joe Danger The Movie made. It put me in mind of the old Super Dave bits, and that’s enough to hold my attention on busy Friday.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.