We Felt You Might Like to See the Stop-motion 'Voyager' Trailer

The hand-crafted mobile game from Oh My! Me Studios (aka Brooklyn-based game designer Ken Amarit) got a trailer not too long ago, and we want to show it off.

Video of the iPad/iPhone release after the jump.

According to the top-down flight game's site, Voyager was created by hand-stitching all of the game's assets in felt and then stop-motion animating them.

The goal of the game is to fly through the sky and space while avoiding floating hazards, occasionally slowing down time to get out of scrapes. According to Amarit, his intent was to make gamers feel as though they were floating through a dream.

The whole thing looks super-textured, and I have to wonder how much content Amarit was able to create working on his own. We''l see how expansive his vision is when the game is released sometime before summer's end.

Here's that trailer.

Voyager - Teaser from Ken Amarit on Vimeo.

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