Club Nintendo Offering Up Limited Edition Gold Wii Nunchuk!

Back when The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword came out for the Wii, Nintendo offered up some limited edition bundles that came packed with a gold-colored Wii Remote that harkened back to elusive golden Zelda cartridges of the past. Now, Club Nintendo wants you to have have a matching Nunchuk.

The golden Nunchuk is just like any other Wii Nunchuk – if features an analog joystick on the top, a trigger button on the rear and a cable dangling from the bottom. It's really nothing special, other than the fact that it's gold. No, not real gold, just gold-colored. As its pointed out in the product description, Nintendo clearly wants to make sure everyone knows this and isn't expecting a controller worth thousands of dollars.

So how do you get one? Well, rather than heading over to your local games retailer and plopping down your typical, federal currency, these Nunchuks are only available through Club Nintendo using the coins you've earned from purchasing other Nintendo products and registering them with your account. 900 coins is what it will take, ensuring only the most loyal Nintendo fans get their grubby hands on the unit.

If you want one, you may need to act fast. It appears the controllers are only available in limited quantities.

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