Konami’s Patches ‘Silent Hill HD Collection’ (But Only on the PS3)

Looks like 360 gamers will have to just suck it up: Konami has cancelled the planned Xbox 360 patch for Silent Hill HD Collection which would have resolved issues with screen tearing, audio, sync, and general performance issues.

In a press release yesterday, the publisher announced that the patch was now available for PS3 owners of the survival horror remakes, but that “due to technical issues and resources,” the 360 patch was not being deployed as planned.

While none of the bugs that the patch sought to fix are exactly game-breaking, this is obviously disappointing to gamers who picked it up for Microsoft’s machine. Reading between the lines, it seems, though, that the number of Silent Hill HD owners on the 360 side just couldn’t justify the outlay of more resources to fix some of the many nagging issues which plague the release.

You can see a video detailing some of the user concerns with the release below:

Embedded from www.youtube.com.