Head-to-Head Multiplayer, Freeride Available Now in 'SSX'

EA's betting that you're still interested in hitting the slopes in August with their new free update on PSN and Xbox LIVE for SSX.

Details after the jump.

Were you at all bummed that you couldn't just race down the mountain outside of a race? Well, EA's brought Freeride mode to SSX so you can do just that as part of this week's free update. This is where you can just explore the mountain outside of competition which is kind of nice for those of us who like to know a course before racing it.

And when you do start racing again, you can do it in the five-player 3-2-1-Go! Events events, which join the current asynchronous multi currently found in the game. These events come in either Race or Trick varieties so it's either you and the other racers trying to make it down to the bottom of the mountain or racking up a high trick score before the clock runs out. Your choice.

EA also used the press release to tout a few stats about the game, in particular that there have been over 18 million even runs by players with 10 million ghosts uploaded and 67 billion credits earned from geotags. Neat.

SSX is available now for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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