Death's Doing it For His Brother in This 'Darksiders II' Trailer

"His fate concerns me. Yours does not."

That's some pretty stone-cold stuff right there as Death darkly lays it out all for those who would stop him from clearing his brother War's name in this final Darksiders II trailer.

Based on the few hours I've had to play Darksiders II, this snippet of Death's personality is pretty spot-on for how he's characterized in the game. Cold, no-nonsense, and absolutely ready to mess up anyone who'll stop him from clearing his brother's name.

The plot, if you'll recall, involves Death attempting to turn back the clock and restore humanity after War was falsely accused of kickstarting the apocalypse in the first game. Heaven and hell fought and we little meat sacks got caught in the middle. You'll also get an idea of the cosmology of the Darksiders universe which is broken into realms and where the Horsemen, called more often "Riders" fit into it.

You can get the whole story for yourself when I review Darksiders II next week and when it's on shelves for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

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