The Live-Action Drama With In-Game Platforming of the New 'Papo & Yo' Trailer

So this one is out next week. But are they pushing the same game they've been selling us on for the last few months?

Minority Games' puzzle platformer Papo & Yo is available for preorder in advance of its August 14th release date. In a curious move, though, the marketing for the downloadable game is leaning on the autobiographical elements of its story which was inspired by Papo & Yo Creative Director Vander Caballero's relationship with his alcoholic father. In the game, that translates into its boy hero Quico having to cooperate with and avoid the rages of his giant friend Monster.

Now based on the trailer, you wouldn't know that there was a cooperative element to the game, and instead it's selling the fear and tension of the experience. More problematic for me is that it took what sounded like intriguing, ripe subtext and just made it the text, giving the whole thing a blunt-force feel which is a little distracting.

Now keep in mind, I'm not talking at all about the game, simply the way it's presented here as it's been presented in the past. I'm still really curious about it, but I'm just interested in the direction their team took with the trailer.

So what do you think? Does the trailer sell the game as something you'd be interested in trying out? Or has it tipped its hand a little too much?

Papo & Yo will be available on August 14th as part of PSN Play promotion for $14.99.

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