GameStop and Nintendo Team for Secret Mythical Pokemon!

I remember when it was fairly easy to keep track of all the different Pokemon. You know, when there were only 150 in total, if you didn't count Mew. Nowadays the list just keeps growing and in keeping with that trend Nintendo and GameStop are teaming up to deliver a special mythical Pokemon, only available through the retailer.

Other than the silhouette image seen above, which leads us to believe it's some sort of horse creature, no information detailing this mythical Pokemon has been revealed. However, will apparently answer all of our question come August 20th. After that, the secret Pokemon will be available to all Pokemon White Version or Black Version players during a special distribution event at participating GameStop stores.

The distribution event takes place from August 27th through October 6th, so be sure to mark your calendar now if you want to catch this newly discovered Pokemon. What do you think it is? Hit the comments section and hare your thoughts!

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