Let the Sack Races Begin: 'Little Big Planet Karting' Dated For November, Gets a Trailer

Sony and United Front Games' kart racer is coming to the PS3 on November 6th, gets a wee Sony fake VP as a preorder bonus.

Details after the jump.

That's right, according to the PlayStation Blog, Sony's offering pitchman Kevin Butler as a preorder bonus for Little Big Planet Karting when it's released this November. Tiny Mr. Butler will also come with his own golf cart (naturally), although no word on if biting zingers will be included in package as well.

Karting, along with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale are Sony's two big gun attempts to take aim at family friendly Nintendo this holiday season, taking it right where the Big N lives in a year that no new Mario Kart or Smash Brothers have been officially announced or are on the horizon. A question: what happens when Nintendo starts courting the hardcore gamer with their next console while Sony tries to go more family friendly with their current one?

We'll see when Little Big Planet Karting hits the PS3 on November 6th.

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