Here's How You'll Use the Touchscreen With 'Mass Effect 3' for the Wii U

Shepherd's final battle looks like it's shaping up nicely for Nintendo's new console.

You can check out a gallery of screenshots after the jump.

Based on the image above, BioWare will be allowing us to get a bird's eye view of the battlefield with a handy map detailing enemy placement. Perhaps a little more useful for those of us who took a second to cycle through player and ally commands on consoles, we'll now be able to tap to select Shepherd and co.'s attacks.

As for the screenshots and to what degree they're a testament to the Wii U's horsepower: well, it certainly looks like the other console iterations of the game, and between this and ZombiU, we might be able to move away from the conversation about Nintendo games needing to look better to be more competitive in the current market. This last bit being a moot point given that all signs point to another console generation rearing its ugly head in the next year or so.

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Mass Effect 3 for the Wii U is still floating around without an official release date from EA or Nintendo, but look for it sometime this holiday season.

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