Dig Deep In Your Wallet to Buy the 'Spelunky' Soundtrack

The album's description describes it as a mix of "cute and somber jazz, over a mid-tempo beat." That's an odd way of saying it sounds pretty before it gets all pumped up.*

Over the weekend, the soundtrack for the punishing platformer went on sale via Bandcamp, you should at the very least check it out. Composed by Eirik Suhrke, with contributions by Sanjjib, along with Shnabubula & Gabe Terracciano, Spelunky's soundtrack boasts 62 tracks that veer between the expected chiptune 8-bit homage and some more deliberately-composed piano and string tracks.

Give it a listen:

You can get it now for $7.00 (or name your price at something higher, should you be so inclined).

*Paid critic, people.

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