Watch The Mars Rover Curiosity Landing on Your Xbox 360!

Did you know NASA is sending another Rover to Mars this weekend? How awesome would it be if we could snag a front row seat to the landing? Well, according to Major Nelson we can. That's right, we'll all be able to watch the Mars Rover landing from the comfort of our couch this weekend, thanks to Xbox 360!

Curiosity is scheduled to touch down on the surface of Mars this weekend and there will apparently be a “special Mars Rover section of your Xbox 360 dashboard right on the main page.” Not only will we be able to join NASA TV live, but the special dashboard event will also give us the chance to take a quiz about mission and learn about the incredible engineering behind it.

The event will stream live from Mission Control at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory on Sunday, August 5th. While Microsoft recommends we play the free Kinect Mars Rover Simulator while we wait for the momentous occasion, I'll probably be playing Trials Evolution, trying to get the last of my gold medals... Yea, I'm a little behind, what can I say?

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