Series 2 'Kid Icarus: Uprising' AR Cards Incoming

If you enjoyed fooling around with the AR Cards that came packaged with Kid Icarus: Uprising but are ready to get your hands on new ones, Nintendo has some good news for you. Today they revealed that Series 2 Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards are on the way.

Building on the first series of AR Cards, series 2 introduces new weapons, enemies, and items that appear in Kid Icarus Uprising. The new series also introduces different locations from Uprising for the first time in AR card form.

Beginning Friday, August 3rd anyone in New York City can stop by the Nintendo World Store from 6-8pm ET to score themselves a pack of series 2 cards. The new cards will also be available at the location on following Fridays and Nintendo will even have packs on hand at upcoming events such as PAX East and New York Comic-Con.

For those of you not familiar, the cards take advantage of the Nintendo 3DS camera – place them on a flat surface and an in-game character or locale will virtually spring to life. If two character cards are placed next to each other and viewed through the 3DS camera, you can watch them duke it out. The new location cards allow you to stage the battles in a particular setting.

For folks who can't make it to any of the events, or simply don't live anywhere near New York, Nintendo says you'll be able to find the cards at “select retail locations” though no specific information has been revealed just yet.

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