Capcom Considering 'Dragon's Dogma' Sequel

There's some good news for fans of Capcom's recent action-RPG, Dragon's Dogma. In highlights from the company's most recent QA session with investors, Capcom said the game's successful sales warrant future games in the franchise.

"Dragon's Dogma was a bigger-than-expected hit domestically, while overseas, it was slightly below our initial forecasts. However, in both domestic and international markets, unit sales increased with a steady expansion of repeat sales," says Capcom. "Under current market conditions, we consider the sale of one million units for brand new titles to be a relative success. Given this, we are in a position to favorably consider subsequent titles."

A recent financial report saw Capcom's profits rise nearly 290 percent and there's no doubt that the one million copies of Dragon's Dogma sold so far have something to do with it, with Capcom saying these sales numbers have “set the stage” for the game to become a series.

Would you play a Dragon's Dogma sequel? What changes would most like to see in a follow-up to Capcom's action RPG? Drop in, drop out co-op? Broader character customization? Smarter enemies? Hit the comments and share your thoughts!


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