Kickstartin': Fine Art Mario in Wood - Take a Look at 'Ukiyo-e Heroes'

In this unique game-related Kickstarter project, artists Jed Henry and Dave Bull want a classical Japanese art form to meet video game history with a series of woodblock prints.

More details about Ukiyo-e Heroes after the jump.

Mario Kart reimagined as a battle between racing rickshaws. Link as a brave archer standing on top of a fallen demonic foe. Mega man as a tattooed hero accompanied by his mighty red fox. These are some of the visions which Henry and Bull hope to bring to life through their Ukiyo-e Heroes Kickstarter campaign which just started yesterday.

As an art form, ukiyo-e was conceived in the 17th century depicting images of heroic battles or popular entertainments. The style being used here involves a master artist creating a drawing that's then cut into a block of wood which is in turn painted and ultimately duplicated on paper. This method gives each reproduction its own unique texture.

The goal with the project is to take the Jed Henry's 12 designs and bring them to life as handmade woodblock prints, with Rickshaw Cart being the only one that's available at this stage. Most of the lower-dollar awards involve a digital giclee print, but at $130 you can get one of the authentic woodcuts.

The project has already reached its funding goal three times over, but you can pitch in on its Kickstarter page.

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