New Video Game Releases For the Week of 7/31: Sora X Orcs X Zombies

As Kingdom Hearts turns 10, we get another handheld sequel to the beloved RPG, plus an HD remake of a Dreamcast-era classic, zombies vs. Parkour on XBLA, the continued end of orcs on the PC.

Details on some of this week’s most interesting new releases after the jump.

Title: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
Platform(s): 3DS

Man, I feel like Kingdom Hearts might need to be used as either a qualifier or an adjective relating to things that are dense with their own history and nested mythologies. Something like, “Man, that was one Kingdom Hearts of a show.” Maybe not, it’s a rough idea, I’ll think that out some more.

I’m a little ways into the latest installment of the Riku/Sora saga which has crossed platforms and spread across a full generation of gaming, but the level of layered history here for fans of the series is inescapable (which is to say that purely from a narrative level, it might not be so inviting to newcomers). But who walks into the fourth sequel to a long-running series blind, anyway?

Kingdom Hears 3D is certain to be loved by a particular segment of the audience and just a complete question mark to everyone else.

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