Learn More about Death's Pet Bird in These 'Darksiders II' Character Descriptions

Over on the PlayStation Blog, THQ's Interactive Marketing Director for the U.K. Mike Richardson dropped some information about key characters that made their way into the "Death Comes for Us All" trailer from last week. Among those are Dust and Despair, horseman Death's loyal bird and trusty steed, respectively. And while both of those characters will help War's big brother help him traverse the post-apocalyptic landscape and clear his fellow horseman's name for the whole ending the world thing, THQ also introduce the Crowfather and the Marker Elder, two characters who may help the skull-faced hero in his quest.

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The Marker Elder is apparently a character you'll be meeting several times throughout the Darksiders II campaign, and as described by Richardson, the quiet, slow speaking giant knows what's supposed to happen at the end of the world--and Death's arrival is a surprise.

I wish I could see both of the Crowfather's eyes just so I could disabuse myself of the pet theory that Vigil dropped a little Norse mythology into Darksiders II with the inclusion of Odin (you know, owing to the All-father's one eye and association with crows). According to his bio, his origins and race are unknown, the this ancient mystic might be a Nephilim like the other horsemen. Apparently, he gains and sustains his power through his crow minions.

Speaking of avian allies, Dust is Death's trusty bird companion of unknown origins. He'll help the game's hero navigate Darksiders II's dungeons and overworld.

And you can't be a horseman without a horse. In this case, it's Despair, who'll be available early in the game to lend Death a combat assist as well as quick navigation between locations.

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