EXCLUSIVE: '007 Legends' Adds Jaws, Hugo Drax Voice Actors, Announces Veteran 'Bond' Writer

Two veteran Bond film actors join the voice cast of the EON Productions' shooter, while also adding longtime film and game writer Bruce Feirstein.

Find out who'll be giving Moonraker henchman Jaws his bite and who'll be filling the villainous shoes of the goateed space case Hugo Drax after the jump.

Activision has revealed to us that Richard Kiel will be reprising his role as Jaws, the brawny man of few words with the metal teeth in the Moonraker portion of 007 Legends. If you'll recall, the structure of the game will have Daniel Craig's James Bond progressing through the stories of Bond films past, of which 1979's Moonraker is one. The actor will be lending his likeness and voice to the role (although Jaws wasn't much for talking).

Kiel's Jaws appeared in both that film as well as 1977's The Spy Who Loved Me, using his superhuman strength and metal teeth to menace Roger Moore's Bond. Some of you out there might be more familiar with Kiel from his part in Happy Gilmore.

Kiel isn't the only Moonraker vet making a return: Michael Lonsdale will be reprising his role as Hugo Drax, the goateed villain who just wants to annhilate all life on Earth. Lonsdale has been working like crazy in the 30 years plus since Moonraker (catch him in a small but pivotal part in 1998's Ronin, opposite Deniro).

Giving the whole game its narrative backbone (they have to link these disparate movies up somehow) is Bruce Feirstein, writer of Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, as well as the Bond games Everything or Nothing (2003) and the Wii/360/PS3,PC remake of Goldeneye 007.

The trio will be joining the previously announced Daniel Craig, along with Skyfall actress Naomie Harris and co-star Rory Kinnear who'll be reprising his role as MI6 Chief of Staff Bill Tanner.

007 Legends will be available on the 360, PS3, and PC on October 16th.

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