Nintendo Celebrates 'New Super Mario Bros. 2' With Four Discounted Mario Classics!

Nintendo has been awfully excited about getting the coin-heavy New Super Mario Bros. 2 into 3DS owners' hands and now it looks like they've declared the next four weeks “The Month of Mario” in celebration of the game's launch. Up until Aug 19th, when NSMB2 is released, a different classic Mario title will be on sale in the eShop each week.

Each classic Mario title selected for the promotion will receive discounted pricing for one week leading up to the new game's launch. You can get all the info on dates and pricing below...

Date Game Discount Price
July 26 - Aug. 1 Super Mario Bros. $3.99
Aug. 2 - Aug. 8 Super Mario Land $2.99
Aug. 9 - Aug. 15 Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins $2.99
Aug. 16 - Aug. 22 Mario's Picross $2.99

For those of you who haven't been paying attention, New Super Mario Bros. 2 returns to the classic side-scrolling style Mario is best suited for. New game places a huge emphasis on coin collecting, as each level is littered with gold as coins rain down from overhead pipes, trails of coins are left behind special gold enemies and Mario is thrust into coin-filled caverns. The game features the return of the Mario raccoon suit and features co-op through the use of two separate 3DS systems and game cartridges.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 will be available Aug 19th alongside the new, biggie-size 3DS XL.

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