New Game Releases for the Week of 7/24: Up With the Download

Hey you there. I see you, being all hot in this sweltering, summer heat. Well, maybe not. Maybe you're somewhere civilized with AC. But I'm betting you're probably not interested in braving the hot heat out there. Well, if you're looking to play some new games, the release slate is pretty thin for the next couple of weeks in terms of boxed product, but that just means you should be keeping an eye on your friendly download service.

Here are a couple of titles to check out for this week.

Title: Malicious

Platform(s): PS3, PS Vita

The 3D brawler Malicious is the product of Japanese studio Alvion, and it'll set you back $9.99 on PSN today. According to the PlayStation Blog post on the game, all of the hacky and slashy happens in the context of a battle between your player character and evil giants called "Holders." Your primary weapon is the Mantle of Cinders, a protean tool which transforms back and forth between your weapon and a shield.

The spread of consoles is a curious choice for Malicious which could potentially provide some colorful brawler action across three platforms or feel like a shrunken down action game for handheld.

Title: Wizorb

Platform(s): PS3, PS Vita, PSP

It's like Arkanoid, with wizards in this bite-sized release making its way across all three of Sony's current handhelds. This fantasy block breaking game is from developer Tribute games and features a quest structure and overworld, all done in an 8-bit RPG style. You can spend your $3.99 on this 15 MB download now.

Title: Puddle

Platform(s): PS Vita

The watery puzzler Puddle has been out for a few weeks now on PSN and XBLA, but the Konami release hits the Vita this week. Puddle has you guiding your blob of water through a platformer-style map where the goal is to get your puddle to the end of the level.

Developed by Neko Entertainment, the Vita release has received touch and tilt controls for Sony's handheld. You can grab it now for $7.99.

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