Nintendo 3DS XL Getting A Less Reflective Screen

Increasing the size of the 3DS screens wasn't the only thing Nintendo focused on when engineering the upcoming 3DS XL. In a recent edition of Iwata Asks it was revealed that Nintendo also put time into delivering a less reflective screen and greater depth to 3D.

“On a LCD screen there are basically three reflective layers, which all of them reflects and cause glare. So this time, we specially treated all the layers. Reflectivity on the Nintendo 3DS was about 12%, but we decreased that to about 3%.”

The reduced glare also comes by way of a new, built-in screen cover that you can see in the image above. Less glare on the screen is always a good thing, but how much better is the 3DS XL screen in comparison to previous Nintendo devices? Iwata and the Nintendo team a simple answer for that as well...

“When it comes to anti-reflection, this device beats all previous Nintendo game systems.”

Not only will the new screen be less reflective, the larger size also allows for an increase in the depth of 3D images.

“I think the 3DS XL's best selling point is that the larger LCD increases parallax, so players can enjoy stereoscopic 3D with greater impact. The 3D Depth Slider has more range, making it easier to adjust to your own preferences, so I hope its good aspects will reach a broader range of people.”

Nintendo's 3DS XL hits shelves on August 19th and will set you back about $200.

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