'Borderlands 2' Production Complete, Gearbox Switching Focus To DLC

Gearbox Software today revealed that production on Borderlands 2 has officially come to a close. The game is off to certification and Gearbox is now shifting their focus toward DLC, beginning with the Mechromancer.

60 days before it's release Borderlands 2 is now headed of to certification to be released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Now that the disc-based portion of the game (which will take you nearly 60 hours to complete) is all wrapped Gearbox is switching gears and focuses on the game's DLC offerings.

The first item on that list is the Mechromancer. As many of you already know Borderlands 2 will come with 4 different playable characters to choose from at launch. However, Gearbox also recently revealed that another character will be joining the ranks on Pandora 2-3 months after the game's release. The Mechromancer will be a free download for members of the Borderlands Premiere Club, which you can join by pre-ordering the game.

Not a whole lot is known about the Mechromancer, but during PAX East Gearbox revealed initial concept designs depicting a young cyborg girl with the ability to control a large robot dubbed D374-TP, or Deathtrap. More details are sure to be revealed before Borderlands 2 ships out on September 18th.

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