Darksiders 2 iOS App Helps You Harvest Souls

Haven't got your soul fix this week? No problem. Just a few weeks away from the Darksiders II launch, THQ has released the new location-based Darksiders Soul Harvest iPhone/iPad app that will help you harvest nearby souls in exchange for prizes. The app is completely free and gives anxious gamers a look at Darksiders II trailers, behind the scenes interviews, character bios, news and more. Obviously the main part of the app is soul harvesting, which is done using Facebook check-ins. For instance, if you're at the local coffee shop and you bust out the app it will look for other people who check-in to nearby locations and let you “harvest the souls” of those people. Players will compete with friends and others to collect the most souls and become the top harvester on the in-app leaderboard. In doing so, players will reach new soul-harvesting milestones which unlock in-game bonuses, copies of the Darksiders digital comic and access to footage from the game.

On top of that, players will also have the opportunity to win some pretty sweet daily prizes, including a full-sized replica of Death's scythe from the game! Anyone who wins the daily prizes will be entered in a sweepstakes to travel to the Yucatan Peninsula, “the seat of Mayan civilization and home to the Chicxculub crater, purportedly where the asteroid struck that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.”

If you want to win, it looks like Best Buy is the best place to do your soul-harvesting as the app was released in partnership with the retailer. Players who harvest the souls of those who have checked into a Best Buy location will apparently receive a bonus to their score. Happy Harvesting!

Darksiders II launches for Xbox 360, PlayStation3 and PC on Aug. 14th

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