SDCC 2012: Roaring with Grimlock!

'Transformers: Fall of Cybertron' game director, Matt Tieger joins the voice of Grimlock, Gregg Berger, to talk a little about the upcoming game at the Geek studio during San Diego's Comic-Con. It seems like if you like your giant robot fighting a little more cerebral then you'll feel right at home with a more adult narrative along all the explosions because they mentioned how much further the story would be pushed after the Autobots lose to a superior Decepticon force. The main plot points revolve around Optimus Prime and gang trying to find a way to either save or abandon their dying planet of Cybertron. You can probably assume a few noble sacrifices along the way but, really, it's all about massive metal T-rexes burning lasers through Volkswagons.

Details aside, things get a little silly when Gregg unleashes his vocal talents for the dynamic robo-dino; so, enough of my jabber-jawing, check out the video below:

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