The Laugh Factory Brings Live Comedy To PS3

Sony recently revealed two new anime apps headed to the PS3 later this year. Now, it seems they'll be bringing the laughs along too with The Laugh Factory Live, another new video app that will bring past and future stand-up comedy specials straight to your PS3.

Hollywood-based comedy club, the Laugh Factory, is no stranger to bringing comedy out of the club. Their continually updated YouTube page is filled with clips from past performances, but this is the first time any game console will have past performances added regularly while also hosting new live performances.

Revealed today on the Playstation Blog, PS3 users will have access to The Laugh Factory Live beginning September 1st and all of the content will be absolutely free through December. If you're still enjoying the show when the months of free content end you'll be able to subscribe to the service for $3 a month.

While PS3 may not be caught up to Xbox 360 in terms of video content quite yet, I'd really like to see this trend continue. The more choices there are for à la carte video services like this, the less we'll have to depend on pricey cable subscriptions. I think that's something we can all get behind.

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