'Sound Shapes' To Feature Three Exclusive New Songs From Beck

Sound Shapes

One of the most creative and forward thinking musicians of our time, Beck, is once again looking to venture out and try something new. Never afraid to shy away from doing new things with his music, Beck will be lending three exclusive and unreleased tracks to the upcoming music-centric platformer, Sound Shapes from Queasy Games when it is released in a few short weeks.

Following in the musical footsteps of artists like deadmau5, Jim Guthrie, and I Am Robot and Proud (also known as developer Shaw-Han Liem), Beck will be lending his talent to a campaign "record" called "Cities" which will include the three never-before-heard tracks: "Cities," "Touch the People" and "Spiral Staircase." To compliment the exclusive audio, Steve Wilson of Pyramid Attack will be providing the unique visuals for each of the levels.

Sound Shapes

As an added bonus, much like all of the other music and art in the game, once each track is completed in the campaign, everything can be repurposed and reused by players to create and then share their own levels via the game's community functionality.

Beck is no stranger to video game inspired music – in 2005 he released the excellent four-track EP, GameBoy Variations, which featured remixes of songs from his album Guero (the tracks can also be found on the remix album Guerolito). While Beck's music has been featured in games before ("Black Tambourine" appeared in Lumines II and Driver: San Francisco) this is the first time that he has debuted new songs exclusively via a video game.

Fans will be able to check out the new songs on their PS Vitas and PlayStation 3s when Sound Shapes is released on August 7. $14.99 will net you both versions complete with cross-save compatibility.

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