'Battlefield 4' Beta Outed By Pre-order Promotion!

Considering the success EA has seen with Battlefield 3 (they're up to 800,000 premium subscribers already) it's pretty clear they'll be moving forward with the franchise. Spotted by neoGAF, the image above, promoting a Medal of Honor: Warfighter pre-order on Origin, may have just revealed Battlefield 4.

While EA has since had the promo pulled from the Origin website, the image invites Medal of Honor: Warfighter pre-order customers to take part in a Battlefield 4 beta program. Obviously this is a little weird considering EA and DICE have not ever announced the existence of a Battlefield 4 game. It could be an accidental slip revealing the title is on the way, but it could also just be huge mistake altogether. Until EA comes out with an official announcement there's really no telling.

According to IGN, who also claim to have seen the image on website with their own eyes, clicking through the promotion did not reveal any additional details regarding the beta program or the supposed game in question.

Keep it locked to MTV Multiplayer and we'll fill you in on any additional information when, and if, its shared.

[neoGAF, IGN, via Joystiq]

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