EA Boss Says Mirror's Edge 2 Is 'On The List'

The possibility of a Mirror's Edge sequel is something EA has never been shy about discussing. In a recent interview, EA president Frank Gibeau admits the publisher really likes the franchise and though nothing is guaranteed, its a franchise EA is definitely still interested in.

"We have nothing to announce," said Gibeau speaking in the latest issue of Game Informer. "We love Faith. We love the property. It's really about how and when do you bring it back? It's on the list. It's just about looking at what teams are available, who's got the right quality approach to it, and who understands it."

It seems like EA has been talking about a sequel since the the original Mirror's Edge was released in 2008, but it just hasn't gone anywhere, yet. The statement from Gibeau is a good sign for fans of the game, but we'll have to until EA decides what they want to. Thankfully, it's more a question of when they'll do it and not if they will.

Would you play a Mirror's Edge sequel, or was did the original provide you with enough virtual free-running action? What changes would you like to see if a Mirror's Edge sequel does happen? Hit the comments section and share your thoughts!

[Game Informer via IGN]

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