Geek Host Steven Smith Digs 'Tomb Raider' Actress Camilla Luddington

Yesterday on our livestream from San Diego Comic-Con, Tomb Raider actress, Camilla Luddington along with brand director Karl Stewart stop by to shed some light on taking over the role of Lara. If you've been too involved with the geeky festivities, fear not, we've clipped out the segment for you to enjoy at your leisure below.

Camilla seems like a natural fit for the young heroine and sounds really thrilled to get into the nitty-gritty of how Lara evolves from budding explorer to experienced adventurer. Among voicing, she's also donning the motion capture suit to flesh out the character for the total acting package. The True Blood actress, goes onto to say that while she was voicing Lara, she was working on some secret project which had her all bruised up; so I have faith she'll pull out all the stops for the rough and tough raider. There's always sense of 'wholeness' to character when the actor plays both VO and movement as helps to cement the animations with the world around, so I'm looking forward to how see she moves.

Karl, talks about the journey of Lara and re-imagining the franchise by bringing her back to reality. He also goes a bit into the new animations with a free-flow traversal so you'll see Lara lean and sway on branches or struggling to hug cliffs. Personally, I like what they're doing and I'm really hoping they pull it off well. We'll get a bit more about the game when we give our demo impressions later, so stay tuned for upcoming posts.

And... AND! if you're at the show be sure to give Tomb Raider a spin with the hunting gameplay demo on the show floor!

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