SDCC 2012: 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure' in HD Tops the World of Capcom Panel

We've been showing a lot of stuff from Capcom at this year's SDCC. Some of the people behind them have taken the stage to talk about 'em.

You can't hold a Capcom panel without expecting the fans to call for a new Mega Man game.

Capcom events coordinator Francis Mao moderated the panel. He led with mobile and social games producer Travis Williams, who says gamers will be shocked (in a good way by the price of SFxT for iOS), and that we should expect announcements of some exclusive modes for the port.

SFxT Vita producer Matt Dahlgren showed off the new trailer which was unveiled during Thursday's 25th Anniversary panel. Dahlgren touted the 55 character lineup, which he says is one of the largest in fighting game history.

The big announcement, though, was that the classic version of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is coming to PSN and XBLA in August for $19.99. This is the Dreamcast/PSOne-era game, and it's getting an HD facelift and online play.

That price is kinda... steep (but I'm guessing part of that is licensing from the original manga publisher).

Andrew Schnorr, product manager for Capcom showed off that Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins trailer. I can't seem to escape it. No new info beyond what's been revealed so far.

Okami HD looks nice, even on a big projection. The PlayStation Move release will be available this Fall for $19.99 and will be getting full Trophy support and remastered visuals in 1080p. The Move control is optional.

Andrew Szymanski, the producer for Lost Planet 3 showed off the new trailer again. I got some hands on time with it on the show floor and will be writing up my impressions soon. You can look for Lost Planet 3 in 2013.

Szymanski says that this prequel is "a return to extreme conditions," both referencing the subtitle of the first game as well as Capcom's goal to capture the game's survival action roots.

Karl Reader, associate marketing manager for DmC showed off a trailer for the Ninja Theory-developed reboot/prequel.

That game hits January 15th for the PS3 and 360. The PC version will come later.

Mike Lunn, responsible for product marketing talked about how Resident Evil 6 is the biggest, most ambitious version of the game. Our own Clint Mize was impressed by what Capcom is cooking for this October 2 release. He reiterated some of the features and story points we've covered in the past including the new C virus and the crisscrossing action between storylines.

When a fan asked if the "classic" RE controls would make their way into the game, Lunn explained that the control options on the show floor weren't final and that there might be more options revealed in the next couple of months.

In response to the ubiquitous Mega Man questions, the panelists said they realize fans out there want a new game, but they won't be rushing anything out the door and simply want to do it right. They also can't confirm anything new about Darkstalkers, but say they have teased it a bit at previous fighting game events.

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