SDCC 2012: Entering the Next Dimension With 'Silent Hill: Revelations 3D'

During SDCC 2012, actress Adelaide Clemens was joined by director Michael J. Basset and producer Samuel Hadida to talk about the 3D return to the cursed town.

Based on the two 3D clips shown during the panel, Basset's film won't have quite as much of the grungy hysteria of the first film. I'm using "hysteria" in its old-timey sense--the first film was very much about this very specific horror based in motherhood and womanhood.

Nonetheless, it's a continuation of the first film with a melding of elements of Silent Hill 3 making their way into the overall story. That game's heroine, Heather Mason is the daughter of Sean Bean's character from director Christopher Gans' 2006 movie.

We saw two short clips: the first featuring Adelaide as Heather fleeing from a spider-like mannequin creature which zooms and swoops through the warehouse setting, jabbing its severed dummy heads at the camera since, you know, it's in 3D and all. In the second scene, there was a bit less of the 3D poking you in the eyes with Heather attempting to rescue Game of Thrones actor Kit Harrington from a room filled with some of the video game series' murderous, faceless nurses.

Basset promises that they've collaborated with Konami to remain faithful to the games.

Finally, the panelists unveiled a Silent Hill Halloween Horror Nights exhibit to Universal Studios in Orlando and Hollywood this year.

Silent Hill: Revelations 3D will be in theaters on October 23rd.

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