SDCC 2012: Marvel Unveils a 'Deadpool' Game

Looks like the Hit Monkey reveal was Marvel, High Moon Studios, and Activision punking us.

Find out what the comic company has planned through 2012 and beyond in this recap of the SDCC panel.

The panel, from the Marvel Games group, was something of a celebration of the 30th anniverary of Marvel Comics in video games, going all the way back to The Amazing Spider-Man for the Atari 2600.

The big reveal: the mouthy Marvel assassin with a heart of gold (kind of) and emotional/mental problems (really) is getting a game from the Fall of Cybertron studio in 2013.

The trailer showed a bit of the third-person shooting and swordplay action. While the rating's pending, this one will probably be unedited.

One of the other big announcements was the addition of new characters and costumes to the Facebook game, Marvel: Avengers Alliance, including characters and costumes from the big summer comic event, Avengers vs. X-Men.

The panelists also revealed the new trailer for Ubisoft's Avengers: Battle for Earth which is coming this fall. The game will include a co-op mode as well as a challenge mode to practice your Marvel heroes abilities.

And I'd almost completely forgotten that for a while, the Skrulls, the villains of this Diablo-like were rumored to be the baddies of the Avengers' big-screen debut. While the story of the game is based on the Brian Michael Bendis-penned Secret Invasion, I wonder if this was originally going to be tied to the film.*

Marvel artist Francis Lenil Yu is providing the game's cover art as well as character designs for the game.

You know what? Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins looks far better in motion that it does in the recently released screenshots. The PSN and XBLA release including Marvel vs. Capcom and Marvel Superheroes has received an HD upgrade, and you can switch between widescreen or its original 4:3 aspect ratio (I believe that was the original ration).

Also coming to the game are multiple views, like an arcade over the shoulder mode. A new Challenge Mode will have you completing, of course, challenges, and the multiplayer will include a spectator lobby.

Between now and the release, Marvel and Capcom plan to release a series of art pieces homaging both companies' most memorable comic and game covers with characters from each mixed together. We saw an Infinity Gauntlet cover that included characters like Mega Man and Ryu.

We also saw a couple of videos from the free-to-play MMO, Marvel Heroes from Gazillion. The first showed off a bit of gameplay, the second revealed the second act which will be based on the classic Mutant Massacre story from the 80's with some details from recent Marvel history like Mutant town.

*Prior to the film's release, Marvel was adamant that there was no Avengers tie-in being developed, so this could have just been a simple coincidence.

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