'Injustice' Could Be NetherRealm's 'First Step' In A New Direction, According To Ed Boon

Considering the success that NetherRealm Studios saw with their latest entry in the Mortal Kombat franchise it was only a matter of time before they revealed their next project. The DC Comics-oriented beat 'em up, Injustice, is well into development, but the question still looms, when is NetherRealm going to tackle something other than a fighting-game?

In a recent interview with the Playstation Blog, Mortal Kombat co-creator and Injustice creative director Ed Boon made it clear that, if Injustice does well, NetherRealm might take a break for the fighting game genre.

"We feel like Injustice is kind of our first step towards that. If it does well, we would like to see our next step be a non-fighting game, maybe something unique in its own right. This is our first step in that direction."

While the statement clearly doesn't reveal what sort of plans Boon and NetherRealm have for a non-fighting game, their long history in the video game industry leads us to believe they are more than capable of putting out a great title in a different genre. However, don't expect things to happen right after Injustice launches. NetherRealm has quite the DLC campaign planned for the 2013 title, possibly even larger than the one we saw for Mortal Kombat.

"With Mortal Kombat, we brought in crazy guests like Freddy Krueger. So we’ll definitely want to introduce unexpected characters [via DLC] to Injustice. That’ll be our strategy. It’s comparable to Mortal Kombat, but being really aggressive with our DLC characters."

[Source: Playstation Blog]

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