SDCC 2012: Epic Games Dishes On Fortnite

Though Fortnite was first announced back in December, Epic Games chose Comic-Con 2012 as the place to reveal the game's first details. It's a co-op survival game that takes place during a sort of zombie outbreak, featuring an approachable “Looney Tunes” art style.

So what exactly will players be doing in Fortnite? Well, the game basically moves through three different sessions. First, you'll be running around the sandbox-style world rummaging for items that you can use to build a fort. Try to think back to the forts you and your friends built in the woods outside of your house. Next you'll take all that you have gathered and try to built the most badass fort you can before it get dark out. Once night hits the carnage begins as players fight off hordes of monsters who'd love nothing more than watching your precious fort crumble.

Epic is really trying to make the game appealing to everyone, even those players who really aren't interested in combat. If you find more fun in simply gathering supplies and building the fort, you'll be able to sleep through the night and skip the combat portion of the game altogether.

Fortnite is all about customization, whether it's your character, your fort or the weapons you use. You see, weapons can be changed or modified to do more than just kill enemies. To give an example, a batman-style grappling hook could be installed on your firing weapon to help you reach areas inaccessible to other party members, while a stun gun could slow enemies down and let your friends get a better shot. The game can be played alone, but it looks like the real fun will come from working together with other players, collaborating on your build and defense strategies.

Fortnite isn't due out until 2013 and as of right now there's no word on whether this PC exclusive (I know, so sad) will be free-to-play, supported by micro-transactions, or a one-time purchase supported by a subscription service. Either way, the fact that Epic plans on adding fresh content to the game long after launch has us eagerly anticipating out chance to really dig in and try it out. Thankfully, Epic Games has said there will be a lengthy beta leading up to it's release.

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