SDCC 2012: The 'Street Fighter Anniversary' Panel

Capcom celebrates a quarter century of fisticuffs, man-on-car violence during SDCC.

Want a brand new car? All you have to do is win the 25th Anniversary Tournament series featuring Street Fighter X Tekken. That's part of the host of things on the way for Capcom as it enjoys 25 years of the venerable fighting game. You can find full details for the tournament, which begins in Austin, here.

This, along with a beefed-up set of features for the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary's PS3 coming out later this year from Capcom.

Tomoyaki Ayano, producer for Street Fighter X Tekken for the Vita came up to talk about the port, showing off a new trailer featuring new additions to the lineup, and touting the Near functionality for sharing content like customized characters online. The release will also include a KO monument and AR galleries (put Ryu in the realy world, if your're so inclined).

For the game's producer, it was important for them to get as close to the console experience as possible. Capcom also wanted to make sure that players could access any of the fighters out of the box, along with the crossplay feature so PS3 players can challenge PS Vita players. Don't worry if you're worried about using the Vita's nubby joystick against some opponent with a Hori stick--you can filter matches by platform as well as see what kind of device other players are using.

The KO Monument will feature a player's favorite saved KO's a virtual statues. There's also a virtual gallery which includes all of the game's music, videos, and AR features. The AR feature will allow you to interact with the characters in different ways.

Right now, there's a preorder bonus with Amazon and Gamestop where you'll receive the 12 alternate costumes of the 12 new characters.

Speaking to the moved up release date for the new characters, Ayano says it was a response to fan demand.

Oh, Sanrio fans, the Hello Kitty Chun-Li took the stage, but in addition to the Con exclusive plushie, there will be a series of three additional Hello Kitty plushies for Ryu, Bison, and sorry, I missed the last one. Also on the way: Street Fighter Monopoly this holiday.

Surprise guest: Yoshinori Ono, Executive Producer of the series came up to make a couple of special announcements. Ono said that every year, he'd come up to ask fans to hold up a dollar if they wanted another Darkstalkers game. He said this year, fans wouldn't have to hold up a dollar.

A video from the Street Fighter Legacy live action video creators announced that they're developing a feature-length series. The scripts are written, and they promise they will be fans' wildest dreams come true. It's called Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist, and it's being made through an agreement with Capcom. Shooting will start in the spring.

Set in Japan, it will delve into the origins of Ryu, Ken, and their master Gouken. You can find updates on the Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist Facebook page.

Street Fighter X Tekken is officially dated for the U.S. on October 23.

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