SDCC 2012: Kicksartin' - Thomas Jane Wants Help Bringing Episodic Third-Person 'Bad Planet' To Consoles and PC

During SDCC, the Punisher and Hung actor's comics studio Raw Entertainment announced that they were partnering with game developers at Austin-based Red Fly Studios to bring the comic Bad Planet to Xbox LIVE, PSN, and the PC.

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The Kickstarter campaign is seeking $575,000 in funds for a downloadable, third-person episodic action game based on the comic created by Jane for his Raw Entertainment along with 30 Days of Night writer Steve Niles and longtime Punisher cover artist Tim Bradstreet.

The series focused on an accidental alien invasion by a mixture of species which crash land after their prison transport is knocked off course. On Earth, these alien death spiders do what escapees will do and set about making our planet their new breeding ground. Among the escapees is the unnamed Convict, a nearly indestructible Phaedon Warrior who is convinced to side with humanity, and hack and slash his way through the invaders.

The oft-delayed series (the first issue debuted in 2005, the sixth didn't hit shelves until '07) lays the groundwork for Red Fly's action game. Based on their previous work, it looks like this might be the first project of this scope for the studio, who has up until this point developed smartphone apps. It could certainly be an opportunity to take a chance on an emerging talent while supporting something new in the downloadable scene.

Based on the description of the game's combat, it'll be your typical mix of action and character upgrades. The individual episodes are targeting approximately two to four hours of content, weaving in and out of the material from the comics with Convict at the core of the story.

You can check out some of the concept and comic art as well as character renders on the Kickstart page.

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